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АКВАМАР - Photovoltaic systems
Photovoltaic systems

From 16.12.2010 to 07.01.2011 AQUAMAR took part in the construction of a 4МW photovoltaic power station in the area of Marcu Pinna near the town of Carbonia on the island of Sardinia, Italy.

Аквамар Фотоволтаика Schuco        The term ‘photovoltaics’ is a very broad term and can be best described with the words ‘green energy’. With the new requirements to construction projects and the progress of technologies photovoltaic systems become some of the most environmentally-friendly and, at the same time, the most efficient systems of alternative energy generation. Despite the initial costs photovoltaic systems are a much cheaper option for generation of energy in the long run.
        The types of photovoltaic systems offered by AQUAMAR set new dimensions of economic efficiency. Unlike standard modules /solar collectors, etc./ photovoltaic modules are produced in compliance with the requirements of the building’s architecture taking into account its form, colour and optical structure.
Аквамар Фотоволтаика Schuco        Synergetic façades and photovoltaic roofs meet all energy efficiency and environmental requirements as well as the requirements in the sphere of safety, comfort and quality of performance.
        A photovoltaic module used in architectures consists of a number of solar cells according to its form and colour. It is the diversity of colours and forms of solar cells and glass that give enormous freedom to design and development of brave and low-energy projects in residential and public buildings. 

Аквамар Фотоволтаика Schuco

The choice of solar cells depends largely on the location, the amount of solar radiation, the size of the solar cells. While polycrystalline silicon cells shine brightly in various shades of blue and create an optical accent, monocrystalline cells yield a classic effect with their even graphite grey structure.
Photovoltaic modules can be practically used everywhere. They can be installed for the following purposes:

Аквамар Фотоволтаика Schuco- creation of energy fields
- semi-transparent roofs
- canopies
- energy decoration of façades
- sun protection
- balconies
- winter gardens

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