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АКВАМАР Безшумна канализация и канал       The water that flows in the pipes of sewerage systems is a potential source of noise in buildings. The general level of noise can be substantially reduced with the adequate installation of these pipe systems. However, in some places (such as the work place, the places for rest, etc.) the ordinary noise caused by sewerage systems can be very high. This necessitates reduction of noise levels which cannot be achieved with conventional sewerage systems.
АКВАМАР Безшумна канализация и канал       The noiseless sewerage and water supply systems offered by AQUAMAR are an excellent alternative for the purpose of installation, they meet the high requirements for reduction of noise, for example in vertical pipelines or when changes occur in the flow direction of waste water inside the pipes. Such noiseless sewerage and water supply systems are very suitable for the large facilities and hotels.
     The central system for cleaning dust – a central vacuum cleaner – is an efficient system with a state-of-the-art technology. The basic principle of operation of such systems consists in placing the main body in a basement and taking out an indefinite number of “contacts” for the vacuum cleaning pipes in each room. The type of the system is selected on the basis of the requirements of each specific project. Thus you ensure good and low-noise cleaning and removal of odours inside the entire house, hotel or office.

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