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АКВАМАР - Water treatment stations
Water treatment stations

Пречиствателни станции REHAU               AQUAMAR offers a number of water treatment systems that will meet the requirements of your home, office, industrial building or hotel. The main function of treatment plants is to purify household waste water and make it usable again.
               One of the numerous manufacturers and a leader in the production of high quality treatment plants is REHAU. REHAU offers diverse systems with various sizes and capacities. AQUAMAR installed the first waste water treatment plant of REHAU on the territory of Bulgaria in Varna.
               Generally, a waste water treatment unit consists of a pre-treatment tank, a bioreactor, aeration pipes with a silicone and rubber coating, a low pressure compressor, a control module and a weather-proof plastic cover. The height of the facility can be regulated using cylindrical elements.

Пречиствателни станции REHAU               This system is suitable for small farms with aeration of waste water, for treatment of polluted household water and for large facilities such as production facilities, hotels, etc. Due to the exceptional efficiency of the treatment these systems are suitable as long-term solutions with capacity to treat from 2,5 m3 to unlimited quantities of water for large production facilities. In principle, no biocides, disinfectants, toxic or biologically indecomposable substances are to be put into the system. Treatment of rainwater should also be avoided in order to protect the unit from overloading. The unit is well equipped and ready to meet growing and probably future requirements..

               AQUAMAR OFFERS YOU:

           - individual solutions depending on the conditions of each specific site;

           - flexible operation of each waste water treatment plant;

           - user-friendly service, low operation costs, guaranteed quality of the treated waste water;

           - commissioning and issue of certificate for operation of the relevant unit;

           - issue of an official report for tested quality of the treated waste water;

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